Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BackPage Massage Ads

Backpage has become very popular with massage parlours since 2005.

BackPage is affliated with Now Magazine

There is a business relationship between Now Magazine and BackPage. BackPage is owned by the parent company of the Village Voice which was the inspiration of Now Magazine in the 1980s. It is interesting that the adult ads appear on two websites: and

Fake Pictures Are Common on BackPage

Unfortunately 90% of the BackPage photos are pictures of models online used without permission. Most of the Chinese massage places use only fake pictures. Its a shame because most of tyhe girls working in Toronto are quite attractive anyways.

Back Page is Popular With Independent Especially Latinos in Westend Locations

There are many independent providors for sex and massage in the west end. The areas near Jane and Lawrence, Wilson and Dufferin are especially crowded. These businesses rely primarily on Back page rather than on Now Magazine or the Toronto Sun. Guys just love finding some new hottie on BackPage every week!